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Welcome - Network US is the solution for all your long distance needs.

Our Mission
Our mission can be summed up in three separate but distinct tenets;
  1. Excellence.
    Excellence in products and the people that deliver them.

  2. Value.
    The belief that consumers and businesses need the greatest value in all of their services.

  3. Superior Service.
    Through superior customer service we serve the customer with the best product in the marketplace. Network US delivers on its mission through the combined efforts of Employees, Customers, Agents and Vendors. Through this effort, Network US fosters a synergistic work environment of cooperation. This type of environment allows Network US to grow in the ever-changing landscape of the telecommunications industry.
Our Objective
The overall objective of Network US is to become the solution company for its customers and to stand behind a simple yet powerful commitment of providing superior service at competitive prices. To earn the confidence of any customer that subscribes to any of our telecommunications products that they made the right choice.

Our Experience
The management team at Network US has well over 100 years of combined experience in the telecommunications industry. We are constantly training our people so they can fill our customers' needs as fast and efficiently as possible.
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